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If you are in the market for a cellphone, choosing between a new and refurbished one is not a decision to be taken lightly. If you're deciding between a new and refurbished model, make sure you take the time to do your research. Still not sure which route to take? We've got some tips on when it might make sense to buy a refurbished phone.


A refurbished phone is a cost efficient alternative to the expensive new phones that you just might lose or damage anyway. The only big concern when buying a refurbished phone is its lifespan. However, more and more phones are being turned in after only a few years of use. Most of today's refurbished phones are trustworthy and capable of standing the test of time. Some are even brand new as plenty of new cellphone buyers change their mind after trying out a new model. Since these types of phones can't be sold again as “new,” they are considered refurbished or “used” even though nothing is wrong with them.

It is worth noting that there is a distinction to be made between refurbished and used phones. Refurbished phones have been used, but the word “used” means something different. Used phones are sold on an “as is” basis. These phones have not been fixed or tested and have no guarantees attached to them. Alternatively, refurbished cellphones are inspected, tested, repaired and cleaned for the next user. These phones are meant to function just like those that come brand new out of the box.

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If you tend to replace your cellphone every few years because you want something that has little chance of breaking but also features all the latest technology, buying used is not the right path for you. You should continue to buy new models that have the latest and greatest features. New phones are also ideal for those who have concerns regarding quality and durability. There is always a small chance that the used or refurbished phone will malfunction and require a servicing. However, our refurbished phones tend to last much longer than most users expect. Many of our oldest refurbished phones are actually still operable and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.


Often, it costs nearly half the amount of a new phone to fix the old one. If you don't pay a monthly fee for cellphone replacement insurance, you will be stuck with a hefty repair bill in the event that your phone ever malfunctions. So the cost of a refurbished phone could be quite attractive compared to the cost of an extensive iPhone repair. Consider a costly repair versus a clean slate with a new or refurbished phone. Sometimes it is better to start over with a different model than pay to fix to a seriously malfunctioning phone. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of new and refurbished before making a commitment.