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Got Water Damage?

We live in an age of remarkable mobile technology. Our cellphones do just about everything from telling us the weather forecast to helping us find significant others. But these phones are not invincible. Get a little bit of water onto the motherboard and it might not function. If this happens to you, do not despair! Wireless Rx is here to save the day.


There is no better place to take your liquid damaged cellphone than Wireless Rx. We have just invested in a Crest CP500D Ultrasonic Cleaner to repair all those compromised cellphone boards. We heat a chemical solution to just the right temperature until it vibrates and creates micro bubbles that knock the corrosion right off of the board. Think of these bubbles as little scrubbers that get into those tiny nooks and crannies along the phone's board.

This is a stark contrast to most of our competitors who typically use cheap equipment that sometimes runs as low as a couple hundred dollars or less. Some shops even cut corners and use rubbing alcohol along with a toothbrush for the repair attempt. They then sit there with their fingers crossed, hoping that it works! That's no way to fix a compromised board.

Ultrasonic Cleaner


We go to great lengths to use our Crest CP500D machine in a specific manner to ensure a flawless repair. We have full confidence in its ability to clean liquid damaged cellphone boards as well as boards compromised by other substances. It cleans all types of boards, getting underneath the chips and even reaching those tiny balls beneath the chips. The machine removes corrosion with a process called cavitation. The Crest CP500D's frequency moves up and down to reach all different points on the board for a thorough clean that lasts.

While competitors will cut corners by using a cheaper machine and dropping the board right in, we use trays so the sensitive boards do not rest along the bottom of the machine. Our Crest CP500D features a timer, temperature gauge and an array of other niceties to boost the chances of success. While other shops rely on glass cleaners and cheap alcohol to clean boards, we use the high-quality Bransonic cleaning fluid along with just the right amount of water. We take the time to flip the board after an hour of cleaning to ensure that both sides receive treatment. We then displace the water with 99 percent alcohol and place the board by an air filter so it can dry as quickly as possible. This is the type of comprehensive clean your damaged phone needs in order to function as designed for years to come.


Bring your broken cellphone into Wireless Rx today or take advantage of our mobile repair service. If you get the phone to us within 24 hours of liquid contact, there is almost a 100 percent chance that we can return it to normalcy. Simply put, we have the best cellphone repair service in town. Whether you need a screen repair service, help with a water-logged phone or any other issue, we will get it done.

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